Kate...at home with her bags


I learned to sew one summer when I was about 10.   I made most of my clothes in high school, and even took my sewing machine to Mary Washington College my freshman year so I could make curtains for our dorm room.  After that, my sewing machine gathered dust until the fall of 2005 when I chaired the costume committee for our town’s children’s theater production of Aladdin, in which my youngest was appearing.  I had been knitting wonderful glittery scarves for about a year.  After Aladdin closed, I had an idea for a silk scarf and made several for a local craft show in which I was participating.  One thing lead to another and I moved on to shawls, belts and eventually handbags.   In 2007, I started to experiment with totes made with upholstery fabric and various shapes and sizes of bags made of silk.  My bags are decorated with beads, tassels, bows, piecework, sequins, feathers, whatever strikes my fancy.  Heaven for me is several hours spent roaming NYC’s fashion district, gathering fabrics, swatches in hand to find the perfect match, scouting for just the right ribbon or bag handle or applique to make my accessories unique. 

After 20 years spent drafting memos and parsing words (I am a retired attorney), I am delighted to be working the other side of my brain.  I am inspired by the beautiful materials with which I work….the colors, textures and endless combinations.  The ideas keep coming, inspired by something someone says, something I see on the street or in a newspaper or magazine.  I love creating beautiful and unique accessories that give my customers pleasure and the challenge to grow a business in which I delight. 

Thanks for visiting my blog! 

Kate Woodman