Another wonderful day in Paris.  Started the day with THE best croissants we have ever had at the cafe on the corner of rue de Turenne and rue des Francs-Bourgeois (the best shopping street in le Marais) just steps from our hotel.  When we ordered, we were told it would be a 10-minute wait for the croissants as they were just being delivered.  They arrived piping hot and were incredibly flakey and buttery…really the best ever! 

Best croissants at Royale Turenne (omlette was pretty good too)

Today we explored the area around Notre Dame, a bit of the left bank and strolled along the Seine….also engaged in some major shopping (together Carol and I are quite the shopping machine…it’s really dangerous!)….if you want to know more about our shopping finds, email me at and I’ll share our Marais shopping tips.

We walked down to the Seine and across to Isle Saint Louis.  The sun was shining, the sky cloudless and bright blue and it felt like spring….perfect!  At Pont Saint Louis, we were treated to a concert by a very talented guitarist and happened upon one of several fashion shoots of the day.

Busker on Pont Saint Louis…

First fashion shoot of the day….

Notre Dame

Fashion shoot at Notre Dame…the model is wearing jeans and sneakers under that gorgeous dress!

Another bridal fashion shoot at Shakespeare & Co.

Of course, we had to make the obligatory stop at Shakespeare & Co.  Carol hadn’t been before and loved it.  Walked back to the right bank and along the Seine wending our way to le Marais.  Stopped in a lovely shop and started chatting with the owner/designer, who suggested we stop at a cafe, le Progress, on the corner of rue Vielle du Temple and le Turenne, where we would be treated to a fashion week street show.  We were heading in that direction anyway, but first stopped at la Droguerie on rue de Rosiers for a crepe for Carol.  She was determined to have one before we left!

Crepe maker at La Droguerie, described as the best creperie in Paris…

Carol paying for her Nutella crepe….

Carol about to dig in….

La Droguerie is where we saw a VERY long line our first night in Paris and it did not disappoint….had my share and it was delicious!  Continued up rue Vielle du Temple to rue Bretagne and le Progres, described as “the hippest cafe in Paris”.

The scene at le Progres…

Buyers at the table next to us….

We did indeed see some long-legged models and fashionistas, most dressed in black with multiple layers, tattoos and funky eyewear.  On the way back to our hotel, we discovered the most gorgeous flower shop….Moor….

Moor on rue de Turenne

More Moor….

…and Moor

…and Moor!

Moor’s owner is English-speaking.  Carol and I have remarked repeatedly at how frequently the salespeople in the shops we’ve entered have been either native English speakers or fluent English speakers, something we haven’t experienced in Italy.

A few miscellaneous scenes on rue de Turenne….

Fashionista shopgirl having lunch….

Blue door

Magnificent staircase

Going home and not too happy about it!

 For our final dinner in Paris, we decided to walk around the corner to the Place des Vosges.  It was dead!  Hardly anyone in the cafes, so we had our pick.  Went to iconic ma Bourgogne and sat outside, where the heaters kept us warm and cosy.

Carol’s steak frites

My salad with goat cheese and country ham with pickles…perfect!

Our waiter humored us and took our picture….

And so ends another wonderful Italian adventure with my siblings….until next year…

Ciao and au revoir!