It was another big walking day for Carol and me.  Because Star Clipper was closed on Tuesday, we thought we’d try again.  This time we walked to Santa Margherita and from there to Portofino.  We left Thad for some solo time in Rapallo.  Before leaving Rapallo, we stopped at one of Carol’s favorite shops, Colette, where we found a lovely asymmetrical top in cornflower blue.  As our tastes are alike, we each got one.  Colette has great, unique, comfortable and affordable clothes and is located right in town.

Colette….lovely shop

Pleased with our purchases, we set off for Santa Margherita.  As we approached San Michele di Pagana, a district of Rapallo about a mile from the center of town, we noticed lots of people and activity on the beach.  It was a festival!  Tents were set up for eating and the beach was packed.

San Michele di Pagana

San Michele beach


Marzipan fruit….

We saw Head signs and apparel everywhere, the apparent sponsor, and a swimming marathon seemed to be ending just as we got there.  We watched some of the swimmers complete the race….

Welcoming the swimmers at the end of the race….

 Delighted to have happened upon this little festival (Archangelo), we continued on to Santa Margherita, where we discovered some stalls by the church.  Found lovely scarves at one of them, so of course, we each had to buy one!  Then continued on to Portofino…..

Santa Margherita shop….love the pink shutters!

Pink pink pink!

Entering Portofino from above

Church San Martino, Portofino

Star Clipper was indeed open and Carol succeeded in purchasing the poncho in the style and color she wanted.  It was around 3 and we were famished so found a water-side table at Wine Bar Jolly, a lively looking establishment we have frequently noticed,  and had a late lunch of pasta for Carol and hearts of palm salad for me.  As we were having lunch, we heard cheering and applause and looked up to see a lovely bride arriving across the harbor by boat.

A bit blurry, but hopefully you get the idea….bride being helped off the boat……

After lunch, we walked up to the church where the wedding was taking place.   San Giorgio Church has an English-speaking priest and seems to be a popular setting for  weddings….we heard a hymn being sung in English so assumed it was either an American or English bride.  We waited a bit to see if the bride and groom would leave the church, but didn’t want to miss our ferry, so had to leave before the service ended.

Church San Giorgio where the wedding was taking place….

Transport for the bride and groom….

Back in Rapallo, we shopped for dinner, picked up our purchases from Colette and returned to the apartment….it was almost 7:00!  Made a simple pasta, salad and cheese dinner and were then treated to a fantastic fireworks display that Adrina told us from the San Michele Archangelo festival.

 I think if you click here, you’ll see a video of the fireworks

Ended the day with a nice walk along the “lungomare”….a dimani!