Yesterday was market day in Rapallo; today it was in Chiavari, a small seaside town just 2 stops south on the local train.  Carol’s friend,  Adrina, wanted to take us there for the market and then lunch.  The market has many of the same vendors as Rapallo, but it’s larger and has more produce and food vendors in the central square.

Love the hair!

Nice shirts….. 

Always popular underwear….

Thad gets a new wallet! His first purchase of the trip….. 

Food market in central square

Produce in the central square

Lovely lettuce

Baby eggplant…about the size of a small plum….adorable!


My favorite funghi…..fresh porcini!! Note the price….very dear….

Carol’s favorite food truck…salumi i formaggi

After bumping into Adrina’s soon-to-be mother-in-law and her boyfriend, we walked to the promenade, or “lungomare” as the Italians say, and sauntered in the sun to lunch.

Loved these striped boat covers…

Woodman sibs in Chiavari

Adrian took us to da Felice, where we had a leisurely and delicious lunch… for Thad and Adrina, cheese flan and stuffed zucchini flowers for me and, what else?, lasagne al pesto for Carol….everything was excellent!

Adrina and her 3 “pesos”…..that’s for you Adrina!

Thad and Adrina


Took the train back to Rapallo.  Carol and I went with Adrina back to her apartment, where I altered a skirt for her (a small thank you for being our “tour guide” today), swung back to Carol’s apartment to pick up Thad, shopped for dinner, went to Bar Enoteca il Castella for our first “aperitivo” (more about the Italian custom of “aperitivo” with drinks later).  Enoteca il Castella is on the “lungomare” (sea walk) that Carol’s apartment overlooks and is a popular funky bar with locals and tourists alike.  It was my favorite blogging spot last year when the wifi in the apartment was down.

Stock photo….

We decided to check out the exhibit at il Castello, which turned out to be quite lovely.  The interior has been renovated as exhibition space….all white walls with original dark wood beams, doors and fixtures intact.  I had thought the art would be amateurish, but it turned out to be quite nice.  Went down to the lower level where a permanent exhibit of all things Pinocchio was installed in the old cells.

Il Castello cell…

Entering il Castello….

Tucked away by the lungomare is a local club……

Club members enjoying a lovely evening…..


A domani amici!