Down day in Rapallo.  Blogging for me, beach for Thad and miscellaneous household chores for Carol.  Woke to another perfect Italian Riviera day.  Every morning, when I get up around 6:30/7:00, a group of men gather on the wall beneath our kitchen/dining area…enjoy listening to the muffled sounds of their voices.

Waiting for the caffe, which friend Ginny swears makes the best espresso in Rapallo, to open.

Morning views from Carol’s terrace….

Because we had been having problems with our Wifi connection in the apartment (now fixed, we hope!), I went down to Sole, the bar and restaurant on the ground floor of Carol’s apartment building.  Ordered a cappuccino, logged onto their Wifi and, for the next 3 hours, caught up on e-mails and blogging.  It was a slow day, so no one seemed to mind my long stay.

Thad stopped by on his way to the beach and Carol came down for lunch, then headed off to do a little shopping.

Whiling the afternoon away by the harbor…

After all my sedentary blogging, in the late afternoon, Carol and I walked in to Santa Margherita and back.  Stopped for dinner provisions on our way home.  Made a pretty good roasted cauliflower and goat cheese frittata, haricots verts with shallots and salad with beautiful red-leaf lettuce and rocket for dinner. 

Roasted cauliflower and goat cheese frittata

And so ended a relaxing, stay-at-home and recharge-the batteries day.  Tomorrow we explore the tiny, walled Tuscan town of Lucca.

A domani!