Day 7 – Espagne!

Oct 10, 2013 by


Rose early and set off for Bilbao.  Pat has a meeting with a potential client and Patrick and I decided to join him as none of has been to Spain before.  It was a 6 hour drive, but was quite beautiful once in Spain as we were driving through the very green Pyrenees.  Took us an hour to find our hotel (no map or GPS), but once we did, very happy to be here.  Of course, the main attraction here is Frank Gehry’s spectacular Museo Guggenheim Bilbao.  It did not disappoint.

Guggenheim Bilbao

All curves…

Spectacular central space!!

Another view of central space…really majestic!

Richard Sierra’s filled a huge exhibition space on the first floor.

Fun sculpture “tulips” on the patio over looking Ria de Bilbao

Funky bridge over Ria de Bilbao

Steam in the museum fountain…

Drinks and tappas on the museum patio

Bar scene at dinner

Museo Guggenheim and street at night from the hotel

Tomorrow we explore Bilbao a bit more and then off to Toulouse and Conque sur Orbiel.



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  1. Sue MUllen

    Is this related to the NYC museum? Loved seeing Patrick in the Denison shirt! He’s good looking.

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