Day 5–an abbey and the sea

Oct 8, 2013 by

Today we drove to Abbaye de Fontfroide, on the recommendation of Patrick’s Toulouse landlords, Francoise and Christian Decos.  After a few (no, more than a few) U-turns, we found this spectacular Cistertian abbey, in a tranquil setting amidst cypress trees.

Abbaye Fontfroide

We were required to tour with a guide and had to wait an hour before the next tour, but it was well worth the wait….the Abbey is spectacularly well preserved. 100 years ago a private family purchased the Abbey at auction, renovated and restored the facility and now maintain it.  Really most remarkable!

Entrance to the abbey….

Abbey courtyard


Cloister arches

Church garden

From Fontfroide we drove a short distance to Gruissan Plage, a resort town on the Mediterranean.  We did not have time to explore the old town, but found a funky “snack” bar right on the beach, where we had a late lunch.  It was a perfect, warm day….so we strolled for a bit, enjoying the warm Mediterranean air.

La plage – the beach at Gruissan


Patrick on the beach

Signs at the beach

Back to our gite in Conque sur Orbiel where Patrick and I downloaded our pictures and Pat prepared a lovely meal of mushroom omelettes, haricot vertes and saucisson, and of course lots of good, local wine.   A demain!

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  1. Beth Rollins

    Thanks for your beautiful pictures!!
    I urge you to have someone take some pictures of YOU. It’s nice to see your son and husband in some of the pictures, but there should be a few pictures of YOU .. alone or with them. Be sure to have one taken with you and Patrick together so he’ll have that to remember the trip he took with you.


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