India – day 2

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Great day today.  Though I slept very little last night (very difficult to recover from the 10 hour time difference), Tracy and I met this morning and visited the Tomb of Mugel Emporer Humayun.  Built in the 16th century, it was the first garden tomb on the Indian subcontinent and the first to make extensive use of red sandstone.  Because  it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993, it has been extensively restored and is one of the better preserved tombs in the country.


Tomb of Humayun - New Delhi

I had told Tracy before I arrived that I wanted to see some of the “real” Delhi, not just the popular tourist attractions.  So our next stop was an area of New Delhi known as Nizamuddin because the mausoleum of celebrated Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliga is located there.  The mausoleum and mosque are surrounded by a lively, crowded market dominated by Muslim vendors.  The photos speak for themselves.

Goat by stall
Food vendor
Vendors selling rose petals and sweets as offerings to the saint
The mausoleum…mosque is red building on left
Mausoleum up close…just love the colorful sari’s!

Tracy and I wandered the narrow, dirty lanes for about 45 minutes.  We removed our shoes before entering the mausoleum area and covered our heads with scarves.  People stared but were not discourteous.  Lots of beggars and dirty children, but there was a certain dignity to the people and the place.  I was glad to see part of, as my driver said yesterday when we passed this particular neighborhood, “local” Delhi.  And just now I am listening to Qawwalis (form of Suni devotional music) being performed in the mausoleum courtyard, as they are every evening at this hour.  So even from the balcony of my 5-star hotel, local Delhi can be heard!

After this fascinating experience, it was off to Kahn Market, where Tracy and I did some SERIOUS shopping. Scenes worth noting below.


Woman getting hands decorated with henna.
Musicians serenading but we weren’t sure why…

We then had a leisurely stroll through beautiful Lodhi Garden, where we spotted this vendor who seemed to be carrying his goods on top of his head….

Lodhi Gardens Vendor

Ended the day at John and Tracy’s lovely home where I reunited with their son Tim (whom I had not seen in 8-9 years) and a wonderful Indian meal.  Back at the hotel and ready for a REALLY good night’s sleep.  Great, GREAT day 2 in India!!!!


  1. Linda Kaufman

    It sounds like a dream world…so different from the USA. I am learning a lot about India from your sharing your trip . Get some sleep for you will be busy tomorrow.

  2. Wow this is really neat. Thanks for sharing your adventures!! Erin

  3. Shirley Greene

    Kate, I am loving this blog. I have wanted to go to India for years and am enjoying your comments and pictures. Have a wonderful time.
    Shirley Greene

  4. Wonderful to see you last weekend, and thanks for the nice review in your blog. When you return, we need to share our India trip and photos with you. We were in India for a couple weeks last year! Enjoy your trip, go to the spice markets in “Old Delhi”.

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