BEST Mexican Restaurant: Tequila Mockingbird

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Colorful Tequila Mockingbird on Forrest St, New Canaan CT

When my husband and I moved from the City to CT almost 17 years ago, a concern was whether we would be able to find restaurants in CT that could rival all the great restaurants we were used to frequenting in the City.  I’m not talking about 3 star restaurants, but where would we be able to find pizza, Chinese take-out and Mexican that matched our favorite places in the City.  Truth be told, we’ve never found pizza that even comes close to Grimaldi’s (Patsy’s in our day) in Brooklyn Heights, but Chinese and Mexican have come close.  Our favorite Mexican restaurant is Tequila Mockingbird in New Canaan.

The first thing that strikes you is the festive, funky decor…as one reviewer said:  ”from the moment you walk in, you have stumbled across a festive, colorful street party in Mexico….the colorful banners, splashes of neon, and decorative  flourishes of tequila bottles and Mexican flair, you have  entered into a weekend daydream that possibly belonged to Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera.”


Entrance and fountain

And then there are the Margaritas and the food.  Simply the best!  Great selections of tequila for your perfect Margarita and my favorite entre, Camerones al Mojo de Ajo,  shrimp sauteed with shrimp stock, corn, tomatoes, garlic and fresh lime juice, served with white rice and fresh greens.  My husband tends to order  a chimichangas platter served with rice, beans and salsa.  Our favorite starter, fried goat cheese with tapanade and pita is no longer on the menu.  But we have figured out how to make it at home and serve it regularly to friends.  Thank you Tequila!


Dining room

Dining room

Last thing…..if you don’t want a meal, the bar scene at Tequila Mockingbird rocks.  Go for a drink at least!


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