Why carry a clutch

Jun 14, 2011 by

Different kinds of handbags serve different purposes.  For example, bags designed for everyday use tend to be large and made of materials that can withstand daily use.  Whereas bags used for special events or occasions should be compact and can be made of silk, velvet or other finer materials.


Peggy Garbus Photography

Casual clutches, like our vintage grain sack Bea clutch or Signature Collection Grace clutch (seen above) are designed to carry only the essentials, like credit cards, keys, smartphone and cash.  They are ideal for short trips around town, say to the market or Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee with a friend.  Everything is right at hand so you won’t be rummaging around for your keys or cash, like you do with larger bags.  And you will never lose our Grace style clutch which is designed to be worn, as above.

So find yourself a nice casual clutch for those short trips around town!

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