Billie’s Signature Collection Leaves CT

Mar 17, 2011 by

This is quite the saga and I’m going to leave out some of the details.  Billie’s Signature Collection is our first to be manufactured in Asia.  Because we had not worked out arrangements with a warehouse before it was due to arrive in the US, 270 boxes were delivered to my house in mid-December.  I enlisted my 19 year old son and several of his friends to unload the container that was delivered to my house.

Patrick and friends unloading container

The 270 boxes were then stored in our playroom over the garage until a warehouse arrangement could be worked out.  Yours truly filled all orders from here.

Boxes in the boys' room over the garage

After efforts failed to find a local warehouse to store and fulfill our orders, we finally decided to use a warehouse in North Carolina, which meant repeating our efforts in reverse.  So this morning, our team carried 247 boxes from the room over the garage to the driveway where I slapped labels on to every box.

Team minus Mario who went to Long Island

At 5:00, a UPS truck drove into our driveway.  The truck had room for only 95 boxes.  Another truck arrived shortly thereafter and the remaining 152 boxes were loaded.

Last of the boxes in UPS truck

Good-bye Billie’s Signature Collection and many thanks to Patrick’s team who made it a reality!

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  1. OMG! You have made it to the big time! Go Kate!

  2. At last…… down to some real business!

  3. sharphilldesigns

    Yes….go team!

  4. Kate–quite an ordeal; glad to see the collection moving forward. Before you know it, they will be hitting the stores across the country very soon!

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