Trip Down Memory Lane

Aug 19, 2010 by

This blog is about my business, but there are some personal experiences that I want to share with you.  I spent the past 5 days with my siblings, Carol who lives in Denver CO, and Thad, who lives in Columbus OH.  We gathered at my home in CT to sort through the 10 boxes of photographs, cards, scrapbooks and miscellaneous family memorabilia  and history that our mother had gathered and stored for 50 years.  Oh what a trip down memory lane we had…from daguerrotype photos of our great-great grandparents to a picture of our grandparents in horse and buggy to our parents wedding album to SLIDES of us as young children at Lake Erie on vacation with cousins and friends to our weddings and children….over 100 years of family history.  We laughed, we cried, we rejoyced at what a wonderful childhood we had…and we bonded at the strong tie we know will be with us forever.  Here’s to family and the ties that bind us…tune in for some truly amazing vintage photos….just have to get them processed.

Come back for pictures of our family…..

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